On July 30th, 2015, DetailnPlasti was bestowed with a privilege that only a few of professional detailers worldwide will ever experience; paint correction and Arctic Coating on a fully restored, ultra rare Jaguar XJS TWR. Our Client, a British car enthusiast and mechanical engineer, purchased his Jaguar off of the new car showroom floor back in 1987 and meticulously performed all the maintenance on the race inspired, 6 speed manual powerhouse on his own. When it was time for an engine rebuild, our client performed most of the work on his own and added his own modifications to have the Jaguar producing well over 500 bhp at the wheels.

The XJS was booked to make an appearance at the annual Jaguar Car show and needed our help to have the paint looking its best. Although the Jagger had a complete re-paint several years back, the use of incorrect washing techniques resulted in swirls and minor scratches in the paint as well as some oxidation resulting from the lack of the proper protection. In the direct sunlight, the swirls and scratches were magnified; robbing the Tudor white colored Jag of its beautiful gloss.

Our client plans on keeping his prized Jag for the long run. That said, it was not difficult to convince him that Arctic Coating is the best option to preserve his paint work after paint correction.

Any vehicle that drives on Toronto roads is exposed to metallic debris. Contact with foreign metallic debris commonly occurs whether driving near a railway, road construction, rusty Iron bridge, or busy highways around vehicles emitting brake dust and rotor debris. This debris is easily blown in the wind, and is fine and sharp enough to pierce clear coat, which in turn results in the embedding of these foreign metallic debris in the vehicle’s paint work. Once embedded, the exposure to the environment accelerates corrosion leaving superficial rust spots which are highly noticeable on light coloured vehicles.

After thoroughly rinsing and washing the Jaguar, we treated the paint work with a strong fallout remover to initiate our decontamination process by dissolving pesky metallic shavings. We believe that this step is essential to the beginnings of our ceramic coating process, as lasting adhesion between our coating and a painted surface can only happen with meticulous preparation. A follow up to this process is our clay bar treatment, where the complete exterior paint work is carefully treated with lubricants and combed with medium grade clay to remove any impurities that the fallout removal process may have missed.

Once the wash, fallout removal, and clay bar treatment was complete, we moved to the paint correction process. In order to achieve the results in our video, we used 7 polishing pads and 2 polishes of varying grades, beginning with an aggressive pad and working down to our jewelling combination. A thorough panel wipe down with solvents after correction removes any residual wax left on the surface that may hamper adhesion of our ceramic coating.

Arctic Coatings’ standard package was applied on the Jaguar and the amazing results can be observed in the above video.

We were very thrilled and overwhelmed to learn that our polished and Arctic Coated Jag, won best in its class at Jag Fest on Saturday August 1, 2015.

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