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My name is John Tewogbade and I am the owner of DetailnPlasti and Canadian Ambassador for Arctic Coating; Norwegian designed premium nano-ceramic automotive paint safeguard.

Arctic Coating Professional launched in Norway in May 2015 after years of rigorous testing of silicon based(sio2) prototypes; aimed at complete functionality and adaptability under the extreme differences in climate that the Scandinavian regions are well known for. Arctic Coating offers the highest possible resistance to chemicals and everyday environmental influences, such as air pollution, road salting, bird droppings, acid rain, brake dust, uv-rays and tree sap utilizing advanced silicon cross-linking nanotechnology.

Silicon cross-linking can be compared to tying ones boot except on an extremely minute scale (nanometers). If the boots were tied loosely, there would be large gaps between the laces and a greater distance between the two sides of the boot. If the laces are drawn tightly, there would be very little distance between the two sides, and the boot will be much tighter. This also creates significant surface tension. The surface becomes harder as a structure and much more difficult to penetrate as a result. Arctic Coating uses the most advanced nanotechnology that simulates the above example on a molecular scale.

Once professionally applied by an Arctic Coating certified detailer on a polished and decontaminated surface, a fine glossy layer of our cured liquid glass shield will maintain a semi-permanent bond to factory paint.

The thickness of Arctic Coating after application can be compared to the thickness of half a fingernail, yet yields the strength to prevent chemicals from etching and minor swirls and scratches from occurring on paint work. The use of wax and sealants simply do not offer the extensive protection that Arctic Coating offers and will not last anywhere near as long. Although, all coatings eventually lose their bond to factory clear coat due to wear over time and will require re-application, our coating has a minimum lifespan of 2 years when taken care of correctly.

Arctic Coating, strategically hand-picked brand ambassadors throughout Europe and in Canada, to conduct the testing of the finished product. The highly experienced ambassadors play an ongoing role in the coating development process at Arctic Coating by providing constant critical feedback that’s used by chemists at our research and development department to make future modifications and improvements to the existing coating.

Benefits of Arctic Coating Protection

High chemical resistance

  • Slick surface prevents dirt from sticking
  • Help prevent minor swirls and light scratches

Easy maintenance

  • Extreme temperature resistance
  • Factory clear coat hardness averages between 4 to 6h on the mohs scale, which is fairly soft. Arctic Coating measures 9h, just below diamond on the harness mineral scale.

Extreme water beading effect

  • Protection from damaging ultra violet rays
  • Minimum two years of protection

Please feel free to contact me for more information about booking a demonstration of our revolutionary service.

John Tewogbade
Arctic Coating Ambassador

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